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We're a small team of people just like you, craaazy about sneakers, always on the search for the newest, coolest, most amazing trainers ever.

But, as you probably know, there’s not a single pair of shoes are both comfortable and great-looking, fit for workouts and for parties.

We wanted an all-in-1 solution for years and it never showed up. So we created it ourselves.

That's how the GLOW sneakers were born.

A new category of sneaker that raises the bar and revolutionises everything you ever thought a sneaker could be.

Super high-performing shoes with water resistant LED technology, yet breathable and so comfortable you’ll feel you’re floating.

Your GLOW also come with cutting edge fiber optic technology and a world-first full surface shooting star LED effect, that’s gonna make you the hero of every party.

Seriously, putting one foot in front of the other has never been so comfortable and so much fun!

Escape from the ordinary and step into the light!